Care to be taken with your Pegadas

1) Care and cleaning

To clean your shoes, use only a damp cloth and mild soap. Never leave your shoes soaking in water, and never use a washing machine to clean them.

2) Drying

Always leave your shoes to dry in the shade, with the soles facing down and away from direct sunlight. Do not use dryers.

3) Products to take care of your shoes

There are several products available in the market that meet the needs of different types of footwear. If you want to use these pastes and creams, always use natural and colorless ones. Perform a preliminary test on a less visible area of the shoe to certify that the leather is compatible. Do not use instant polishes.

4) Cleaning suede shoes

Use a clean, dry sponge. Never use creams, pastes, polishes or instant polishes.

5) Cleaning shoes with varnish finish

Cleaning must only be carried out with a damp cloth.

Product return

Returning products to a store:

If there is a problem within 30 days of purchase, return to the store where you purchased the product, with the purchase invoice. The store, in turn, will perform a preliminary assessment of the defect. If there is any doubt about the defect, the store will request an analysis from the company representative. If a manufacturing or raw material defect is detected, the factory will repair the product or authorize the store to make an exchange.

Returning products to the factory:

If there is a problem within 30 days of purchase, contact the factory to make your claim. Your data will be registered and you will receive a postage authorization message to send the product back to the factory. The footwear will be analyzed by the Returns Department and then the company will contact you, informing you of the result of the analysis. If it is a manufacturing defect, the footwear will be submitted to repair, so that the product will returned to perfect usage conditions. If the shoes present a manufacturing defect and it is not possible to repair them, they will be replaced with new ones. We remind you that the company is not responsible for damages to products due to wear and tear.